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WELCOME TO GRIZZY.CO.UK web design. We are based in the picturesque harbour town of Falmouth on Cornwall's south coast and specialise in low-cost user-friendly websites.

Brochure websites are the most popular websites that I design and are ideal for small businesses, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, etc. with limited budgets ... or those who require a simple online presence. This type of site gives you the ability to showcase your product or services online and allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from the earning potential of the Internet.

A simple website acts in much the same way as a printed brochure would - contain a few pages with information about your services or products along with images and contact details.

A small, easily navigable website is the ideal way for prospective customers to see exactly what they are getting and has generally taking over from the traditional brochure or leaflet to promote a business. Most people now have access to the internet and can browse at their leisure.

Customers now expect to find online information about your firm giving details of your products and contact information.

If you have holiday accommodation it is now fairly essential to have a website that gives a general view of what people can expect when they arrive with some links to nearby attractions.

We build all of our websites to search engine friendly standards; this can greatly benefit the positioning of your web design in the search engines. Finished sites will be submitted to major search engines to begin that process.

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